Approach and Message

Iraqi invasion on the Kuwait land in 1990 is unforgotten memory and a very difficult test to the will of Kuwaiti people in their strength and steadiness. That date witnessed a bright birth of people who stunned the world by their strength, determination and courage in defending their country and dignity.They were taken by surprise when they found themselves before an army replete with the latest machines of death and destruction. The confrontation of the Kuwaiti people against Saddam invasion formed a unique phase in the course of this homeland and it’s people struggle, nevertheless, the history tells us that this event was nothing but one of the several bright pages of this people, which is full of wonderful examples that reveal the depth of values in the minds and thinking of the Kuwaiti citizen. The building of the 3 gates by Kuwaiti people is an evidence of their readiness to defend the integrity and unity of their homeland in every phase of history.

Social Care

Special care to the martyrs’ parents , martyrs’ widows , martyrs’ children. In order to make this care a success, the Martyr’s Bureau commissioned social and psychological specialists to provide the necessary services for the martyrs’ families.

Educational care

Educational care aims at helping the martyrs’ children in school through specialists in educational field and provide the necessary help for students to solve the problems that might encounter them. The specialists mission is to pay visits to schools

Health Care

There are full cooperation and coordination between the Bureau and all branches of the Ministry of Health to secure the required health care, either in Kuwait or abroad according to the rules at the Bureau. Some consultants have been sought for illnesses

Housing Care

In cooperation with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and the Bank of Credit and Saving, the Bureau managed to meet many requirements of the families to have a house. The priority of house allocation is given to martyrs’ families.

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